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Published by: Daisy Gregg Did you remember Valentinersquo;s Day is tomorrow?? You didnrsquo;t No worries I have some ideas for you We canrsquo;t always be on top of everything including non-major holidays (yes it isnrsquo;t Thanksgiving). But here are a few suggestions that are still thoughtful but quick Blanket- No one is immune to the special softness and warmth that is a fleece or Sherpa blanket. All major stores have them and theyrsquo;re not very expensive Candles- spending a good $15 on a really good candle, will make anyone happy Love Coupons- Who wouldnrsquo;t love the option of getting out of a chore they really donrsquo;t want to do Give your significant other this with cute coupons promising to do their ...

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Hello again, home owners, prospective buyers, and real-estate moguls. Here is a reminder that if you bought a home last year and started living there on January 1, 2019, donrsquo;t forget to file your homestead exemption at your local county tax office to save money on property taxes. And before you check the all-new-and-improved ldquo;Talking Real Estaterdquo; monthly enewsletter, Winter is here and has its own home maintenance checklist in Central Texas, especially for existing property owners. Here are a few items to consider during Winter months: nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Outdoor Tasks: onbsp;nbsp; If you are considering doing some big jobs, like external painting or roofing repair/replacement, remember that this is the sl...

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February 2019 Newsletter: Home Owner and Home Buyer Advice.nbsp;

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Published by: Daisy Gregg I was a psychology major in college and I loved it. It was fascinating to learn how the brain works but I was always fascinated by business practices and how to make them work best for productivity in the workplace. So I decided to minor in business administration. Sitting at my desk in Berkshire Hathaway, a lot of the different aspects of both of those fields are fitting together. Being a staff member where the agents are my clients throws you into the world of customer service. You have to know the way your client thinks and how best to serve them. And this is a fast paced business and you have to keep up. Now, most people donrsquo;t realize the impact a great staff can have on a brokerage because c...

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Published by: Christine Pease February 1, 2019 The Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots go head to head this Sunday for the Super Bowl 2019. Every Super Bowl party needs a kitchen counter full of appetizers, finger foods and yummy snacks And Im not talking about a 7-Layer Dip, buffalo wings or BBQ. When you think about Los Angeles, there is great food just around every corner. The same goes for Boston which is home to the New England Patriots. Here are some great party platters that will surely satisfy all New Englanders and Californiansnbsp; Who doesnt love a good crab and bacon dip? Its a unique dish that you dont typically see at parties but it should make more of an appearance, dont you think? Well, maybe in the N...

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Published by: Daisy Gregg We kicked off this year with one of our quarterly sales meetings This is such a great time to get in touch with the busy realtors that work at our brokerage. We get to ask how theyrsquo;re business is going and what they are looking forward to in the New Year. And we get to have a scrumptious breakfast with them We starting by networking and eating a great meal. We also get to meet our Family of Services and mingle with them. It is a lot of talking and catching up Our realtors work hard, they donrsquo;t always get to come into the office as often as we would love them to Generally, we schedule a speaker but this meeting we wanted to focus on our tools and the services we provide as a brokerage an...

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nbsp; Published by: Christine Pease January 25, 2019 All I can say is LIVE OAKS I remember when my dad was buying his first home. His agent kept taking him to vacant lots with out trees and my dad kept saying where are all the trees? That stuck with me and I am all about the trees The very air we breath is improved by trees and are the biggest plant on the planet Not just that, but trees stabilize the soil and give life to wildlife. This gorgeous Ranchette is littered with Live Oak trees and it can be yoursnbsp; Sitting on 6.070 acres and features a guest house that you can live in while you build your custom dream home Bring the horses as there is a 4-stall horse barn on the property The entire property is fence and gat...

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Published by: Christine Pease January 8, 2019 Did you know there was a day dedicated to cutting your energy cost? Did you know that this day is celebrated nation wide? Why is this important? Just like most things, its all about the Benjamins.nbsp;When looking to save, re-insulate your home. This can save a homeowner tons of money and possibly pay for itself within a year. But not just that, its also about sustainability. Theres only one planet Earth and we must take care of her Reducing your carbon footprint can begin at home so take the steps now The average American consumes 6.8 metric tons of oil in carbon emissions each year, more than three times the average person in China. So if every American took the time and ener...

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Published by: Daisy Gregg What is the first thing you think of when selling your home? Price and profit. So next step is to call or walk into your local real estate brokerage (ahem, 512-483-6000, excuse me, sorry about) and sit down with an agent to look into what you could possibly sell your home for Now this agent would most likely do some research in your neighborhood and the property and compare your house to many others, to see what would be the most reasonable and best price to sell quickly. This process is called Comparative Market Analysis. Letrsquo;s delve into this process and why you really need a realtor to help you with this The most specific definition is from Investopedia: Comparative Market Analysis: A comp...

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It's no secret that Austin is among the most desirable cities in America. The diverse culture, balanced economy, and booming job market has led to a hot real estate market, with many new residents looking for a new home in the trendiest neighborhoods.

Of course, this high housing demand has led to the discovery—or in the case of some long-time Austin residents, the re-discovery—of many wonderful local communities. These up-and-coming Austin communities have become increasingly popular for a range of reasons, such as the quality of homes, parks, and shops, as well as proximity to the cities top amenities, affordability, and general attractiveness of the community in general.

Here are a few neighborhoods in Austin that we feel are trending in the right direction:

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It should go without saying that buying a home is a huge step in anyone's life and it requires plenty of planning. The problem is that many first-time buyers don't know how to make sure they're ready when it comes time to buy, which could mean that you're missing out on amazing homes. This is particularly important in the hot Austin real estate market, where most homes don't stay on the market long and sellers won't wait for buyers who don't have all their ducks in a row.

But even though preparing to buy a home may seem a bit daunting to inexperienced buyers, having a clearly defined list of thing you need to do before buying your first Austin home will make things much easier. That's why we've outlined five steps that will help you be ready to snap up a gorgeous home in one of your desired Austin neighborhoods.

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As we talked about last time, interest rates have gone up a bit. So what does that mean for the buyer? Should you wait? Well, since rates are predicted to continue to go up, the answer is no, you should not wait. As this article points out, yes, the record low rates are gone, for now at least. Who knows what the future will hold. Most economist are saying that the next five years will see an increase in rates. So certainly waiting is only going to make your house more expensive. Sure, you could wait for the rates lower than 4% to come back. But you may be waiting a long time. The odds point to us getting back to 6-8% in the next few years, long, long before we get back to the sub 4% rates again. So, don't let a small jump in rates now sc...

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the five most expensive austin homes currently on the market

There's no question about it. Austin is booming. Aside from being consistently voted among the most livable cities in the entire country, the Austin real estate market is also on fire!

It shouldn't be a surprise either. Austin enjoys a temperate climate, a great jobs market and a justified reputation for being one of the liveliest cities in Texas! Whether it's live music that you love, a world-class, gourmet culinary scene or the city's laid-back culture that's drawn you. Austin is where it's at.

Many of the below properties may be out of the reach for the average resident, but its fun to see how the other half lives. Prepared to be amazed - let's check out 5 of the most expensive Austin homes, currently on the market!

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