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We're looking for applicants! The National REthink Council's vision is to be the premier member-driven think tank in the real estate industry focused on sustainable success for current and future real estate agents.

Are you or someone you know a good fit for the Council? Please review the REthink charter and complete the application by Nov. 28 to:

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Drum roll please ndash; Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as their color of the year.

Over the past couple years, bold colors on walls have become common place in designer magazines and new model homes. Bucking the old guidance of using bland, light hues to make rooms look larger. Deep greens, rich reds and even soft blacks are used in even the smallest spaces. This year, Pantone has chosen a fresh Classic Blue to inspire homeowners and designers in 2020.

Classic Blue is just what it sounds like ndash; a classic. Think of your favorite sneaker or school binder and yoursquo;ll be right on track. Described as a calming, familiar azure, Classic Blue is an uncomplicated, straightforward tone inten...Read more

Four Things To Do Before You Move In

Yoursquo;re almost done All thatrsquo;s left to do is to pack up and move in to your first real home. Here are a few tips that will make your moving day as a new homeowner easier.

Sort your belongings. Moving can be more expensive when you cart along items you donrsquo;t really want or need. A great way to do it is to sort and pack at the same time. Think in terms of three piles ndash; keep, donate, trash. Trash the trash and drop the donations off at the first opportunity. Put your ldquo;keeprdquo; pile into moving boxes labeled by room.

Plan your storage options. Closets, attics and cabinets can fill up quickly, especially if yoursquo;re downsizing. Wher...Read more

Hiring an Interior Designer

Donrsquo;t call them decorators Interior designers are trained, degreed and licensed professionals who do far more than choose curtains. Their job is to transform the interior of your home to make it more functional and beautiful. If your home could use more space, better traffic flow, better lighting, or an additional room, an interior designer is the one to call.

They save you money.nbsp;Interior designers can buy appliances, cabinetry, flooring, fabric, furniture and accessories that are sold ldquo;to the traderdquo; only. While they charge for their time and/or add a mark up to each item they choose for you, yoursquo;ll pay about the same for unique wow-factor...Read more

Build Wealth with a Less Expensive Home

Herersquo;s a case for buying a less expensive home than you secretly want.

According to thenbsp;U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends approximately 37 of his or her income on housing. Notably, the top 20 percentile earners spend only 29.9 of their income, while the bottom 20 pay 39.9. So what do high earners know that you donrsquo;t know?

If you have a little less money invested in housing, yoursquo;ll have more money to do other things, like:nbsp;

Invest more in your 401K or Roth IRAs.

Pay extra on your mortgage so one day yoursquo;ll be mortgage-free.

Save money to buy another property. Rent out the first home for passive income a...Read more

All About City Trash Pickups

In this environmentally ‑correct age, you canrsquo;t throw an old appliance out with the garbage anymore. Most areas require that you place household and yard waste in separate containers, and that you deliver hazardous items to collection centers. So what are the rules in your area?

Trash pickup dates.nbsp;Your cityrsquo;s website will offer a garbage and yard trash schedule for the year for your area, including holidays. Simply input your address, if available, and print and save the schedule in a handy kitchen drawer. You can also order new trash and recycling bins.

Recycling.nbsp;Yoursquo;ll need to know how to separate your disposables for pick up and what da...Read more

The Fairytale Tudor

Great Britainrsquo;s Tudor reign spanned 1485 and 1603 and was unprecedented in terms of prosperity. International trade led to a great expansion in free-thinking and in ndash; home design concepts, including new ideas like the decorative indoor fireplace with a mantle, hand-made rugs from the Orient as table coverings, and built-in cabinets and seating.nbsp;

Tudor style is down-to-earth and charming, and many urban homebuyers are enchanted by their asymmetrical designs, distinctive half-timber accents, deeply pitched roofs, leaded glass windows, gables, turrets, and brick or stone exteriors, accented by one or more large brick-patterned chimneys.nbsp; The entry is typica...Read more

Emergency Plans for Your Family

Do you know what to do when a disaster strikes? Do your children? By creating and practicing an emergency safety plan, you can protect your family when natural disasters happen. Wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes each require special preparations, including emergency kits with food, water, first aid, medicines and blankets.

Fires.nbsp;Thenbsp;National Fire Protection Associationnbsp;advises you to have at least two ways to escape the home in case of fire. Practice fire drills with your children at least twice a year so they can identify safer escape routes from anywhere in the home.

Tornadoes.nbsp;Tornadoes are fast, unpredictable and destructive...Read more

Prequalify, Preapprove - Whatrsquo;s the Difference?

Some mortgage terms can be confusing, none more so than the similarities and differences between prequalification and preapproval. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but they mean very different things to lenders, real estate professionals and home sellers.

Prequalifying is a rough-idea process that tells you how much money yoursquo;ll likely be able to borrow to buy a home. You can prequalify yourself on any banking or real estate-related website simply by putting your salary, type of loan you want, down payment amount and a ballpark home price into a mortgage calculator. You can talk with a lender, who will also give you a bal...Read more

November is time for Gutters, Leaves, Lawns, Gardens amp; HVACs: Chuck Farrrsquo;s November 2019 ldquo;Talking Real Estaterdquo; eNewsletter

Happy Thanksgiving, sports fans, homeowners, tenants, prospective buyers, and real-estate investors. This monthrsquo;s homeowner task list is the same as October, but the enewsletter for November has some great new articles. Before you check the ldquo;Talking Real Estaterdquo; monthly enewsletter, Fall is here and has its own home maintenance checklist in Central Texas. Here are a few items to consider during November:

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Outdoor Tasks:

onbsp;nbsp; Plant and fertilize. Fall is a great time to lay down some good fertilizer on the la...Read more

HOMEBUYERSrsquo; ADVICE | Is It Time To Buy a Vacation Home?

You may be feeling fairly flush these days, with a bigger salary, job security, appreciating homestead and other wise investments. Now might be the right time for you to buy a vacation home.

According to thenbsp;2019 U.S. Vacation Home Counties Reportnbsp;compiled by thenbsp;National Association of REALTORS, the median price of vacation homes between 2013 and 2018 appreciated 36 compared to existing and new homes at 31.

Like many vacation home buyers, you may be thinking of a great family getaway, but you can also use a second home as an additional way to build equity. You can lease it for income, and then use the property as your p...Read more


It's no secret that Austin is among the most desirable cities in America. The diverse culture, balanced economy, and booming job market has led to a hot real estate market, with many new residents looking for a new home in the trendiest neighborhoods.

Of course, this high housing demand has led to the discovery—or in the case of some long-time Austin residents, the re-discovery—of many wonderful local communities. These up-and-coming Austin communities have become increasingly popular for a range of reasons, such as the quality of homes, parks, and shops, as well as proximity to the cities top amenities, affordability, and general attractiveness of the community in general.

Here ar...

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It should go without saying that buying a home is a huge step in anyone's life and it requires plenty of planning. The problem is that many first-time buyers don't know how to make sure they're ready when it comes time to buy, which could mean that you're missing out on amazing homes. This is particularly important in the hot Austin real estate market, where most homes don't stay on the market long and sellers won't wait for buyers who don't have all their ducks in a row.

But even though preparing to buy a home may seem a bit daunting to inexperienced buyers, having a clearly defined list of thing you need to do before buying your first Austin home will make things much easier. That's why we'...

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As we talked about last time, interest rates have gone up a bit. So what does that mean for the buyer? Should you wait? Well, since rates are predicted to continue to go up, the answer is no, you should not wait. As this article points out, yes, the record low rates are gone, for now at least. Who knows what the future will hold. Most economist are saying that the next five years will see an increase in rates. So certainly waiting is only going to make your house more expensive. Sure, you could wait for the rates lower than 4% to come back. But you may be waiting a long time. The odds point to us getting back to 6-8% in the next few years, long, long before we get back to the sub 4% rates ag...

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the five most expensive austin homes currently on the market

There's no question about it. Austin is booming. Aside from being consistently voted among the most livable cities in the entire country, the Austin real estate market is also on fire!

It shouldn't be a surprise either. Austin enjoys a temperate climate, a great jobs market and a justified reputation for being one of the liveliest cities in Texas! Whether it's live music that you love, a world-class, gourmet culinary scene or the city's laid-back culture that's drawn you. Austin is where it's at.

Many of the below properties may be out of the reach for the average resident, but its fun to see how the other half lives. Prepared to be a...

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